The ONLY Swing Designed Specifically For
Senior Golfers That Adds 40, 50, Or Even 60 Yards Of “Straight As An Arrow” Distance Off The Tee!

Dear fellow golfer,

Do you want to get an extra 20, 40, or even 70 yards of distance out of every swing?

Would you like to be so unerringly consistent, you know exactly where that ball is going to go before you even pull your club out of the bag?

And would you like your swing to be so relaxed, limber, and pain-free, you feel BETTER at the end of 18 holes than you did when you got out of bed that morning?

If you answered “yes”, to these questions, then you’ll want to read every word of this letter very carefully.

Because I’m about to reveal how you can use a revolutionary new “seniors only” swing to get all of this…

  • WITHOUT having to break down and rebuild the swing you’re using now…
  • WITHOUT needing to spend hundreds of dollars on new clubs, new gear, or one-on-one sessions with a golf instructor, and…
  • EVEN IF you’re lacking in strength, flexibility, and are plagued by ailments like arthritis, back pain, or tennis elbow.

In fact, the beauty of this revolutionary new swing method is you can…

Go Up Against Younger, Stronger,
And Better-Equipped Golfers…
And Win Every Time!

Believe me, there’s no better feeling than making a bet with a young hotshot golfer…

Only to watch his jaw drop as you bomb it 300+ yards down the fairway, landing within perfect chipping distance for an easy birdie.

And while this swing is great for putting that annoying son-in-law, junior associate, or pick-up player in their place, it’s also great for playing against guys your own age.

Your buddies will shake their heads in amazement every time you tee off, as your ball lands 40… 50… even 70 yards further than theirs…

They’ll stare gob-smacked as your ball sails over water traps and bunkers, landing in the perfect position for an easy chip onto the green…

And that par 5 you dread every time you play?

From now on, you’ll hit the ball with such incredible power, your buddies will instinctively hit the from the ear-bursting crack the club makes when it launches the ball…

Only to mutter jealously as your ball lands 300+ yards down the fairway, ready for an easy chip and two-putt for that birdie.

I understand if you think results like this are too good to be true, but if you give me just a moment, I’ll scientifically prove how you can get results like these, too.

In fact, I guarantee you will see – and feel – the unstoppable power in this swing the moment you put it into practice, just like others have (I’ll share more on that in just a moment.)

Unlike most golf swings, this swing method does NOT need you to have a lot of strength, flexibility, or youth.

In fact…

The Older You Are,
The More Powerful This Swing Becomes!

Younger players don’t stand a chance of unlocking this consistently “straight as an arrow” swing technique that practically knocks the cover off the golf ball.

We all know every year we move a little slower, have a little less flexibility, and have more health issues.

But nobody ever talks about what you GAIN as you age…

Wisdom, patience, and experience – the three things that are the difference between a range rat and a truly great golfer.

Who Created The Simple Senior Swing System?

Alex Fortey is the founder of the Art Of Simple Golf, one of the largest golf instruction websites in the world. He is renowned for two things: His powerful drives (often reaching 320+ yards off the tee), and his no-nonsense approach to golf instruction that helps frustrated golfers improve distance, lower scores, and enjoy the game of golf again

While younger players are chasing flashy techniques to impress their friends, senior golfers like you and I are looking for solid, repeatable fundamentals that get results.

Where they are constantly chasing the “next best thing,” we’re happy quietly plugging away and improving our muscle memory connection so we can perform perfectly in difficult conditions.

And where they are arrogantly turning their nose up at proven, reliable golf instruction, we’re adding it to our arsenal, until we have…

A Swing That Is More Powerful, Accurate, And Consistent Than Any Youngster Could Ever Dream Of!

After all, it’s technique, not power, that is the key to a perfect golf swing.

For example…

  • All the club speed in the world won’t help if you’re not hitting the ball right at its sweet spot…
  • A 350 yard drive is pointless if the only place you can put the ball is into deep rough, a water hazard or a sand trap…
  • And it doesn’t matter how much strength and power you can generate if it all bleeds out from “breaks” in your kinetic chain (more on that in just a moment.)

You’ve probably seen this in your own golf, right?

Sometimes you’ll tense every muscle in your body trying to whip that club around, only to have the ball sail a mediocre 200 yards…

While other times when you’re relaxed, focused, and “in the zone”, you can send it flying 250+ yards effortlessly.

In other words, it’s the force you transfer to the ball that matters – not how much force you generate from the swing.

Which means you don’t just need a swing that’s powerful. You also need…

A Swing Method So Consistent, Repeatable, And Dependable,
You Can Use It To Drive The Ball 280+ Yards Off The Tee Every Time!

Playing your first par five while the rest of your foursome won’t shut up?

Use this swing method to hit a 300 yard bomber that curves perfectly down the fairway, and you better believe you’ll be able to hear a pin drop as they stare in amazement…

Is it suddenly howling a gale so strong the gusts almost push you over? This swing will get you safely to the green while your buddies get angrier and angrier at their 50-yard slices…

Got a lot of money riding on a bet? This swing makes hitting the sweet spot on your ball so easy, you can do it even every time if you’re sweating like it’s 100 degrees out and shaking like a leaf!

You may think a swing like this requires hours of practice, and I can understand why.

After all, chances are you’re not new to playing golf. You’ve worked hard on your fundamentals. You’ve probably been playing for years.

Yet you still don’t have the smooth, consistent, and powerful swing you’ve always wanted.

Let me be clear on one thing here…

It’s not your fault.

You’ve just been fed a bunch of misinformation by people who either don’t know any better, or worse… don’t want you to know any better.

The good news is that all your hard work has NOT been wasted, because…

This Method Instantly “Syncs” With Your Current Swing
(Taking Just A Few Minutes Of Practice To Master!)

Because with this revolutionary new swing method, there are no complicated “rules” or positions.

You won’t be running through a mental checklist in your head every time you step up to the tee, trying to ensure you’re keeping your arms, legs, shoulders, and wrists in a certain position.

You won’t be throwing out your back with unnatural-feeling movements that leave you aching, sore, and exhausted for the entire back 9, and…

And you won’t have to spend weeks, days, or even hours breaking down and rebuilding your entire golf swing.

In fact, this swing is so simple and intuitive that the vast majority of golfers who use it see a HUGE improvement in distance, consistency, and control in just a few minutes.

“I would thoroughly recommend this product for senior golfers all over the world, and realize that we have been doing wrong for far too long!!!” –  Gary Strain

“This has been an eye opener for sure. I applied these new swing principles and within a couple of days, my strike feels so different. It really is amazing!” – Danny Howard

“I always thought (and was taught to believe) that the golf swing was a fairly complicated process. I was SO wrong. The innovative approach of The Senior Golf Swing System made me realize the golf swing is a natural process and I should quit over thinking it. The videos are concise and very easy to follow utilizing real world examples that just make sense! It is amazing what I have learned in such a short period of time and how natural my swing now feels.”
– Dave Danitz – 53

Just imagine it…

You get on the range, armed with this new swing method.

Your first swing, you might be used to working too hard, so your swing feels a little “off”, sending the ball your regular 230 yards.

The next, you’re starting to get your groove, feeling a satisfying “thwack” as the ball goes an easy 260 yards.

The third swing…

You Decide To Just Let The Swing Do The Work FOR You…
Carrying The Ball An Effortless 280 Yards, Straight As An Arrow!

Because that’s the beauty of this swing method…

YOU don’t have to work hard any more.

Instead, you just let your body’s natural movements – and your equipment – do all the work for you.

Whereas before you’d finish the first nine and already be feeling stiff, sore, and tired, now you can play all day if you want.

While your buddies – even those years younger than you – start to fatigue and send their shots off center into the rough, you’re still landing just feet from the pin.

While the rest of your foursome is holding their back and downing more beers to dull the pain (and losing their edge in the process), you’re staying clear-headed and well under par.

And when everyone else is rolling out of bed the next morning with agonizing slowness, you jump out with the energy and vigor you haven’t felt in decades!

I’m going to take a wild guess and say if you’re still reading, all of this is sounding pretty good to you.

  • You want to be able to consistently and effortlessly sending the ball sailing 20, 40, or even 70 yards further than your buddies…
  • You want a swing that leaves you feeling limber, refreshed, and relaxed at the end of 18 holes, even while the rest of your foursome are wincing in pain…
  • And you want it to be quick and easy to effectively use in your current game, because let’s face it, who wants to spend their time practicing on the range instead of playing on the course?

If this describes what you want, then you’re going to love…

The Simple Senior Swing!
(The ONLY Swing Developed By Professional Golf Instructors For Senior Golfers!)

  • Step-by-step, self-paced home study course that breaks down the six key components of the Simple Senior Swing
  • Videos can be downloaded onto your cell phone, tablet, iPad, etc, so you can take them with you in your pocket…
  • Every purchase backed by a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee (more on that below)

Here’s What You’ll Discover In
The Senior Simple Swing Instructional System…

  • How to instantly master the “kinetic chain” and add 20, 40, or even 70 yards of distance to every drive…
  • The clubface trick senior golfers can use to eliminate skulls, shanks, and slices. It takes just moments to learn, but will dramatically increase your ball control…
  • A simple ‘posture change’ to hit straighter, more accurate shots than ever before…
  • How to “shape” your shots for the conditions with “micro-adjustments” to your swing. Your buddies will be shocked at how you can perfectly fade the ball to follow a dogleg, even when you’re slamming 300+ yard monster drives…
  • How to get the longest distance with the least amount of effort. You’ll shock the rest of your foursome as you (yet again) casually drive the ball off the tee like a shot from a cannon without breaking a sweat…
  • How to optimally lag your shot for the perfect swing plane, regardless of whether you’re on a hill, in the rough, or even in a bunker…
  • The little-known secret of a self-correcting grip. Imagine seeing your control and distance INCREASE as the game goes on, while everyone else fights frustration, exhaustion, and aching muscles…
  • How to take advantage of your body’s natural movement momentum to add 20, 30, or 40 yards to your iron game. Only a small minority of golfers have heard of this trick, and if just a moment, you’ll be one of them…

And of course a whole lot more, including effective swing drills that “lock in” the muscle memory for these techniques.



Download Instantly And Access Your Course! Nothing Will Be Shipped To You.


Plus, every copy of the Simple Senior Swing system is…

Backed By Our 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked,
“A Better Swing Or Its Free” Guarantee

As you’ve seen, golfers over 50 love the distance, control, and consistency the Simple Senior Swing gives them…

And I think you’ll love it too.

But no matter how good this program is, or how wonderful the results golfers get, there’s going to be someone out there who just doesn’t like it.

And there’s a very unlikely chance you could be that someone.


Of course, I don’t want to let a thousand-to-one chance of disappointment get in the way of you playing the best golf of your life…

So I want to  make you an offer that takes all the risk away from you and puts it squarely on my shoulders:

Try the Simple Senior Swing method out, risk-free, for a full 60 days. Watch the videos. Try it out in your swing and in your game.

If at any time during that 60 days you’re not bombing drives, winning bets, and playing the absolute best golf of your life, then just call our toll-free phone number or send an email to [email protected] and let us know.

I’ll give you back every cent you paid…

AND I’ll let you keep Simple Senior Swing as my way of saying “thanks for giving it a try!”

Now, Here’s Your Next Step…

All you have to do to claim unlimited lifetime access to the Simple Senior Swing system at a huge discount is click the big yellow button below.



Download Instantly And Access Your Course! Nothing Will Be Shipped To You.


You’ll get lifetime unrestricted access to the entire Simple Senior Swing system for far less than the regular asking price.

Remember, the Simple Senior Swing system…

  • Is the ONLY swing method designed specifically for senior golfers by professional golf instructors…
  • Uses your body’s natural lines of movement and momentum to give you an effortless swing that leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and pain free after 18 holes…
  • Takes full advantage of the “kinetic chain” of golf, allowing you to consistently drive the ball “straight as an arrow” for 250, 280, or 300+ yards every time you step up to the tee…
  • Is simple, repeatable, and reliable, so you can crush your buddies and win bets no matter what kind of conditions you’re playing in, or how nervous you might feel…
  • Creates huge improvements in your golf game the very first time you use it (many golfers only need 3 practice swings to really “get it…”)

Instant Online Access, No Waiting
(Even If It’s 3 am In The Morning)

  • Unrestricted Lifetime Access To The Simple Senior Swing System
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Instant Access To All Videos In Our Online Membership Area


Download Instantly And Access Your Course! Nothing Will Be Shipped To You.

See you in the member’s area,

Alex Fortey

P.S. This is the ONLY swing designed from the ground up for senior golfers. If you want a powerful, reliable, and accurate swing that leaves you feeling pain-free at the end of 18 holes, you really can’t do better than this.

And since you have a full 60 risk-free days to decide whether this program is for you or not, I think you’d be crazy to pass up this opportunity…

ESPECIALLY since this is a strictly limited time offer. The next time you see this page, there’s a good chance we will have raised the price significantly.

Don’t put up with anything less than reaching your full potential of straight-as-an-arrow drives that almost knock the cover off the ball.

Get your copy of Simple Senior Swing right now.



Download Instantly And Access Your Course! Nothing Will Be Shipped To You.


P.P.S. Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours or less.)

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